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Indie Videosmith

2014 Indie Videosmith Mission 01  Digital Download
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Frank Sjodin as Luigi

DoMonique Goens

Vicka Xaika as Princess

Desmond D. as Centipede

Donna Wu as Zelda

Sriram Parasarathy as Strife

Indie Videosmith is a creative team of covert agents who instruct novices in the fine craft of  video production using low budget, inexpensive guerrilla techniques.

They dispel the myth of the minimum $20 million dollar budget to make a film. They reveal the hidden tricks behind special effects
and expose the secrets that the big movie studios don't want you to know.

2013 Webcast Stream
Sorry the free webcast is not longer available.

Watch Indie Videosmith Episode 2, here for a limited time in its premiere, first time webcast hosted on Vimeo (15 minute length). Click the link below to view.

IVS Episode #2

2013 Cable Schedule

Indie Videosmith Episode 2
Cable broadcast times are:

CAN TV Channel 21
October 19  6:40 PM Saturday
October 23  9:30 PM Wednesday
October 26  5:00 PM Saturday

Don't miss this exciting transmission, cablecast throughout Chicago.

Indie Videosmith Episode #2
Centipede accesses more of his secret cell of video experts.
This time the calm Seamus, energetic Princess and smooth Luigi,
use their finely crafted skills to help a newcomer create
a video by teaching him the basics of
camera movement.

Fight the rich!

This episode features the talents of
actor Frank Sjodin as " Luigi "
actress DoMonique Goens as "Seamus" (Shame-Us)
actress/model  Vicka Xaika as " Princess "
and Desmond DeBardlabon as "Centipede"
also cameos by actress Donna Wu as "Zelda"
and model/ actor Sriram Parasarathy as "Strife".

Indie Videosmith  Episode 01

IVS Postcard 2013

Catch the first episode of Indie Videosmith on CAN TV Channel 19 !
August 21, 2013  Wednesday 5:00 PM
August 22, 2013  Thursday 12:00 PM

2012 Schedule
Indie Videosmith
A video program describing how to make a video or film using
guerrilla, independent film, low budget methods.

Features Sriram Parasarathy, Donna Wu and Desmond D.

Airs on CAN TV Channel 19 in Chicago
Tuesday August 14, 9:00 PM
Wednesday August 15, 4:00 PM
Friday August 24, 6:00 PM
Sunday August 26, 1:00 PM
Saturday September 15,   1:30PM

This is only for those with a little hands-on experience.
Haters need not watch.

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