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About Black Tide

Black Tide
9923 Ridgeland Ave #198
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
United States

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Latest Projects

Latest Projects

Black Tide is working on several projects:

Indie Videosmith
Mission #2 has been cast and is awaiting a few script changes before it begins shooting between January and February 2015.
We have an amazing cast of actors and actresses and are assembling a crew.
The Project is aimed towards a Cable TV release quickly followed by online retail outlets.

The Entrepreneurs (tentative title)
News, educational special for online distribution focusing on local based minority entrepreneurs. Script and format
being developed. March 2015 is the targeted start date for shooting.

Time Sentry: the Webseries
Long term project being developed in house. The pilot script and subsequent episode was shot with the intention of
partnering with cable program providers but once interest waned, the project was placed on hold.
New development is focusing on web episodes, available online on a minimum monthly basis.





Indie Videosmith Title Change
Indie Videosmith the guerrilla filmmaking training video has been re-titled. After careful thought and much debate
the Indie Videosmith team has been renamed Dragonfly Cell.

The name change reflects that the organization (cell) run by Centipede is NOT the only organization out there.
There are several of these cells that operate under the same charter to teach low-budget filmmaking techniques
to whomever desires the knowledge.

The show is currently re-casting several lead parts and is scheduled to start shooting in May 2015.

The Entrepreneurs
The very first pilot episode of Conquer: The Entrepreneur Show has been shot and set to air on cable tv sometime
in May 2015. Hosted by the wonderful and talented Marvinetta Woodley-Penn, it features a guest who is well known in some circles
and mysterious in others.  Check here for channels, dates and times.

The future guest line up will include film makers, venture capitalists, writers, and cooks!

Dragonfly Cell is now casting for several roles and will be shooting in September 2015.


Who are the secretive members of Dragonfly Cell?



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