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About Black Tide

Black Tide
9923 Ridgeland Ave #198
Chicago Ridge, IL 60415
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Latest Projects

Dragonfly Cell : Mission 2

The sequel to Indie Videosmith with new updated content has been completed and will soon air on cable television.
Despite the name change from Indie Videosmiuth to Dragonfly Cell, the familiar characters return with a few new additions.

Strife, Centipede Luigi and Seamus all return with new Dragonfly Cell agents, Pengo and Tempest. They join forces to help another
client save his father's business reputation using their variety of film producing skills.

The Entrepreneurs Show

Plans for a 26 episode show are proceeding despite a slow start. Pilot episode one was shot and aired on cable. New quests are
being scheduled for 2016.

Time Sentry

Currently in development. Casting for major principal roles continues.


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